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1. All radio active decay is:
Zero Order First Order Zero and First Order First and Second Order None of these

2. The type of emission where an electron is given off is known as (blank).
Alpha particle emission Beta particle emission electron capture positron emission None of these

3. What fraction of C-14 is left in a piece of wood cut from a tree 2000 years ago? (Note: the half-life of Carbon-14 is approximately 5730 years)
14% 28% 67% 76% None of these

4. If a nucleus is said to have a low probability of undergoing decomposition, it said to have:
high kinetic stability low beta emission rate low gamma ray emission rate high thermodynamic stability high gamma ray emission rate

5. Which is NOT an example of an isotope?
14/6 C 232/90 Th 0/-1 e 235/92 U All of these are isotopes


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