1. What is the result when Uranium-239 undergoes beta-particle emission, and then undergoes beta particle emission again?
232/90 Th 236/90 Th 235/94 Pu 239/94 Pu None of these

2. What type of radiation is this: x/y A + 0/-1e --> x/y-1 B (Note that B is not Boron)
Alpha particle emission Beta particle emission electron capture positron emission None of these

3. What fraction of C-14 is left in a piece of wood cut from a tree 2000 years ago? (Note: the half-life of Carbon-14 is approximately 5730 years)
14% 28% 67% 76% None of these

4. During radioactive decay, what do nuclides always emit?
Gamma rays positrons alpha particles beta particles None of these

5. Which is an impossible isotope of oxygen?
Fusion Beta particle emission nuclear transformation nuclear fission none of these


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