1. A cyclation and a linear accelerator are two methods of:

2. When 237/93 Np produces an alpha particle, what is the other product?
243/95 Americium 245/95 Americium 237/91 Protactinium 233/91 Protactinium None of these

3. The process: 0/1 e + 0/-1 e --> 2 g is known as (blank).
Fission Fusion Annihilation Photonation None of these

4. What type of radiation is this: x/y A + 0/-1e --> x/y-1 B (Note that B is not Boron)
Alpha particle emission Beta particle emission electron capture positron emission None of these

5. Which is more dangerous, a nuclie with a short half-life or a nuclide with a large half-life?
Short half-life Large half-life I am Superman! Both have no effect upon me! Half-life? None of these


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