Wave function a function of the coordinates of an electron's position in three-dimensional space that describes the properties of the electron
Wave mechanical model a model for the hydrogen atom in which the electron is assumed to behave as a standing wave
Wavelength the distance between two consecutive peaks or troughs in a wave
Wave Mechanics A theory of matter based on the concept that elementary particles possess wave properties
Wax an ester similar to a fat or a phospholipid but containing a monohydroxy alcohol instead of glycerol
Weak acid an acid that dissociates only slightly in aqueous solution
Weak base a base that reacts with water to produce hydroxide ions to only a slight extent in aqueous solution
Weak electrolyte a material which, when dissolved in water, gives a solution that conducts only a small electric current
Weight the force exerted on an object by gravity
Work force acting over a distance
X-ray diffraction a technique for establishing the structures of crystalline solids by directing X rays of a single wavelength at a crystal and obtaining a diffraction pattern from which interatomic spaces can be determined
Zone of nuclear stability the area encompassing the stable nuclides on a plot of their positions as a function of the number of protons and the number of neutrons in the nucleus
Zone refining a metallurgical process for obtaining a highly pure metal that depends on continuously melting the impure material and recrystallizing the pure metal

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