July 20th, 2003: Slight Shuffle

I've rearranged the website slightly so that the news page is its own dedicated page. This should leave a bit more room on your screns to see the sitemap below.

July 12th, 2003: New Periodic Table

I've whipped up a periodic table for your use while browsing the website. It opens up into a new window as I figured this would be something you may need to refer back too.

July 8th, 2003: Update

It seems the search function is working fine. I've had no reports of errors so far and its certainly been given a work out by some visitors. If you look at the links page you will find a number of new links to sites which you also might find of value

In other news I'm trialing google ad's on the webpage. They have no images and minimal impact to the website so I hope people don't get upset over this development

June 30th, 2003: Update

Well not much appears to have been happening around here lately right?
The story thus far is that the gentleman who was going to provide you all with some fresh content has found life just to busy to help! Now we can all relate to that I'm sure. I myself have a major in biological sciences, with a graduate diploma in Computer Science so I don't personally feel confident in refreshing the content.

I receive many emails with specific questions, particularly students hoping I would do their homework. I don't blame you for trying :) I'm sorry I don't always reply, as mentioned above, I wouldn't want to give out help under false pretences of being a expert. Others ask for differing types of content, which again I can not provide until I find someone with the time, experience and desire to provide content.

I have been toying with the idea of putting up a forum so that students and teachers who frequent this website could possible help each other out. If anyone has an opinion on this feel free to shoot of a email to "my opinion" or simple go here to fill out the web mail form. Particularly if your a teacher or graduate who would like to moderate a hypothetical forum.

In other news I have put up a few more links to various chemistry resources that I hope you will find useful in our links section. Also I am just configuring/testing a search function for the website.

December 18th, 2002: New Management!

Greetings is now under new management and we aim to re-launch the site on New Years Day. Over the next two weeks we plan on cleaning up the website to remove broken links and ensure that all tutorials etc are functioning. As for the future we plan on sourcing new content and new tutorials to help you learn more about chemistry.

We encourage you to contact the webmaster if you have any suggestions, requests or critism of the website.

Want to be famous?, then how about writing a tutorial, or submitting some practice questions. OK, maybe not famous, but it could be your first step. Anything submitted will get your name up in lights, plus a small bio and weblink, for full details visit the submission page.

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