Carboxylic Acid Reactions:

acids01.gif (1616 bytes)

Formation of carboxylate anions

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Reduction of carboxylic acids to primary alcohol
(Lithium aluminum hydride is the only effective reagent for reducing acids to   primary alcohols)

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Alpha bromination of alkanoic acids
(the final product is a-bromo carboxylic acid

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Decarboxylation of B-keto acids to form ketones

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Decarboxylation makes the malonic acid lose a carbon dioxide group

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Carboxylation of organometallics
(Alkyl and aryl bromides are converted into Grignard reagents which add to the carbonyl group of carbon dioxide. Adding acid then makes the acid group.

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Getting carboxylic acids from nitriles

acids08.gif (1563 bytes)

Getting carboxylic acids from nitriles


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