Alcohol Reactions:

al01.gif (1370 bytes)

Alkoxide formation

al05.gif (489 bytes)

Conversion of alcohols to alkyl halides

al06.gif (578 bytes)

Rxn with thionyl chlordie and pyridine (inversion in product)

al07.gif (969 bytes)

Getting an alkyl chloride (no inversion in product)

al02.gif (3211 bytes)

Alkyl bromide production with inversion

al03.gif (1571 bytes)

Oxidation of alcohol

al03b.gif (1751 bytes)

Oxidation of alcohol

al03c.gif (1720 bytes)

Oxidation of alcohol

al04.gif (1649 bytes)

Alcohols from alkyl halides

(top is for primary & secondary carbons, bottom for tertiary)


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