Here is a brief overview of each of our "chapters:"

  • Alkanes
    Alkanes are single-chained hydrocarbons. They can be found in cyclic rings or as brances. Alkanes are generally unreactive.
  • Alkenes
    Alkenes are hydrocarbons with pi bonding (double bonds). They are more reactive than alkanes.
  • Alkynes
    Alkynes are triple bonds (2 pi bonds). They are quite reactive as well.
  • Dienes
    Dienes are quite simliar to alkenes, after all, instead of ONE double bond, they have TWO.
  • Alcohols
    Alcohols are very important. Not only are they important in dulling the pain of failure, but they also serve as the basis for sugars. And stuff. :)
  • Aromatics
    Aromatics are very fun to learn about. Hey, how else will you learn how to synthesize crack cocaine?
  • Aldehydes/Ketones
    Aldehydes are -CHO groups, and ketons are R-CO-R groups. Both involve a carbon with a double bond to an oxygen.
  • Carboxylic Acids
    Pretty important stuff. The ends of fatty acids have these suckers, which are COOH (carbon double bonded to an oxygen with a hydroxyl group off the carbon)
  • Ethers
  • Amines
    These contain nitrogen. Fun.

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